Quick Update

Hello again everyone,

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since my last post! I took one day off since completing Draft 4 and have been setting my goal to edit one chapter a day. So last night, I finished Chapter 12! This has definitely been my fastest revision yet. I’ve got three more chapters to go to complete Draft 5. If I stick to my goal, I should be able to finish Draft 5 by Sunday! The next two chapters are the longest in the book, so it’ll definitely be a challenge.

I’m fairly certain that I’ll be doing a Draft 6 as my final pass-through. It’ll be my last round of line editing, making sure plot points line up, and that everything feels correct. I’m really excited to finally be so close to finishing this book! At least this stage of it.

I’ll see you again once I complete draft 5!

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