Completed the Fifth Draft

First of all, I apologize in advance if this blog post is incoherent. I’m really sleepy right now. I’ve been busy all weekend dealing with one chaotic thing after another. It’ll probably continue well into September. Anyways…

I’m a day early, and my 5th draft has been completed. Somehow, I ended up finishing my two longest chapters on the same day instead of sticking to my one-a-day goal. I’m planning on one more pass through my novel before declaring it complete. I’m feeling good at this point at where it’s at. My last draft will mainly be line editing, trying to catch any hidden typos, bad grammar, and so on. The plot, and characters I feel I’ve gotten to a place I’m finally happy with.

I’m so excited for my story to be completed and to move onto the next stage. The only thing I hope is that when I finally do share these character’s story, they are able to mean as much to you as they do to me.

Total Word Count for the 5th draft is 89,724.

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