End of August 2021

Hi Everyone,

I’m back again for another update. I’ve been swamped with work and stuff at home. I’m currently on lunch and thought I should post another update before September!

Over the past 10 days or so, I did a quick run through of my 6th draft to catch any errors and hopefully get it to a more finalized form. Maybe not enough to warrant a Draft 7. When things calm down a bit, I’m hoping to do one more full read through and catch any hidden errors and issues I missed in the quick pass through.

Meanwhile, I’m also beginning to research on the next steps. I’ve decided to set my goal to getting published traditionally rather than self-publishing. I’m looking up literary agents, how to write query letters, and trying to come up with how to best represent my novel. It is really kind of scary thinking about sending this out to these amazing people who review and decide which novels are worth the risk. It’s also really exciting to finally get to share it and possibly move onto the next stage. The ultimate hopes are that my characters and story can mean as much to someone else as they do to me.

I’m hoping at some point I can share a synopsis about my novel, but I’ve been holding off sharing too much on it until I figure some of these things out.

For now all I’ll say is, it is a Young Adult, Supernatural, Modern Fantasy novel about overcoming the hardships life gives you, building relationships, and learning to love yourself.

That’s about as vague as I can get… Until next time!

Current Wordcount: 89,582

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