I’m currently writing here instead of working on my novel because… I don’t know I really shouldn’t be. I’m going to a small holiday get-together with my coworkers tomorrow evening. It’s not something I’d normally do but I feel like I’ve been really neglecting them recently. But that’s gonna put a damper on my writing tomorrow evening… This morning instead of getting to do my early writing before work I went to get my Covid booster shot. Luckily no major side effects and I’ll hopefully be fairly protected going forward.

I keep seeing stuff about this new Spiderman movie… I’m really starting to want to break my movie quarantine and go. The last movie I saw in theaters was Sonic, right before Covid became a problem here. I was thinking about breaking the quarantine for Dune and am kind of sad I didn’t… But the more I hear about this Spiderman movie, the more I want to sneak out of work and go watch it. I don’t know if I can wait for the On Demand version!

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