Oh gosh, it’s been a month!

Wow, it’s been a whole month since my last post. I’ve sadly not spent a lot of time doing any writing recently. It’s been a busy month at work and at home. I’ve started reading a couple of new books. The first one being the classic, True Grit. So far, it’s really interesting! I’m really enjoying the first-person point of view in the writing and how different it feels from modern books. I’m slowly getting through it, reading a little bit during my breaks at work.

The second book I just started reading last night is, Fable’s End: A Shentonia Story, by one of my awesome twitter writing friends Seth Halleway! I’m already through the second chapter and it has captured my attention!

My back catalog of books to read is getting longer! I bought Dune several months ago. I’ve also got multiple Star Wars High Republic books, Out of the Shadows, Midnight Horizon, and The Fallen Star! I’m so far behind on that series now. Then also in the Star Wars realm the book Queen’s Hope by one of my favorite authors E.K. Johnston is coming out soon too!!!

Anyways, hopefully I’ll get caught up soon and have some time for writing soon. I hope you’re all having a great February!

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