Happy April!

Good morning everyone,

I say good morning, but it may be later in the evening when I actually post this entry. I am currently typing it out on my phone, in my car, ten minutes before work starts.

Some minor updates, I was out of town for the entire first week of April working at a conference. I haven’t had the chance to do a whole lot of writing in recent months. I’m both itching to start revising my last novel and working on a new one. The hardest part as always is getting started and keeping that momentum going.

We also just celebrated my dad’s 69th birthday over the weekend! He had a lot of fun, he loves his chocolate cake.

Another fun thing that happened recently was that I picked up an old mechanical typewriter at Goodwill. It’s a Smith Corona Galaxie Deluxe. The fact that it was called a Galaxie made in instant call out to me. Luckily in terms of functioning, it has been working nearly flawlessly. It just needed some heavy cleaning and a new ribbon of ink.

It is my first time really using a typewriter, and it is so much fun to type on. It requires a lot of pre-thought that I don’t normally have when typing on a computer. I’ve mostly been using it for short notes and letters, but yesterday I decided to try starting some actual story writing. See the attached photo for a peek.

Typewriter with a page

Its both freeing and limiting to type on it. On one hand, I am not constantly looking at word count(though I do have to make sure I don’t go off the page). However, I have to make sure that I know what I’m typing, otherwise I end up with blocks of strikes out words and so on. In that way it is a lot slower, though seeing a physical page with your words typed out appear in front of you makes it worth the extra effort.

Well I better actually get to work before I get in trouble! Thank you all for reading!

Oh and a shoutout to my writing buddy Alexander Vailencourt for reminding me to not go over thirty days without posting!

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