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A rough week

Hi everyone,

Just a brief warning, everything below this line may be extremely depressing and I wouldn’t blame anyone for skipping this post.

Talk about a rough week. I’ve never felt quite as mentally exhausted. I’m not really the type to air my personal life and problems publicly but I think it might be kind of important for myself later on to look back on.

Last weekend, my mom went into the ER for issues she was having. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which if you know anything about cancers, is probably one of the worst kinds you can get. My mom is one of my best friends and it is breaking my heart. It’s going to be a rough year ahead. I’ve been truly blessed with a wonderful mother and wonderful family in my life.

As the saying goes; when it rains, it pours. The very next day I’m back in the ER, but the Animal ER for our little yellow budgie. He passed away the next morning. He was 10 years old, which by budgie standards is way past elderly. He was a sassy, cute and awesome little bird. He was in great health, so his passing was very sudden and unexpected.

On a more fun note, I actually based a minor character on him in my last project. When I eventually get to editing, I may have to extend his part a little more. So a bit of set up for this… In the story there is a pirate captain, Henry, with a budgie (literally based on the little guy pictured above). The budgie in the story is just as sassy. He screams/repeats random things the other characters are talking about. Usually in conflict of Henry. Here is one such interaction…

Henry scowled and puffed out his chest. “Daniel. It’s been a while. I can’t say it’s a pleasure seeing you again,” he said.

“You’re as crusty as ever,” Daniel replied, brushing back the stray locks of hair covering his face.

“CRUSTY AS EVER,” the budgie on Henry’s shoulder screamed. Henry glared at the tiny yellow bird and then back to Daniel.

That was a little fun. He likes to give poor Henry a hard time but Henry does love that little bird.  Hopefully, next time I have some happier things to share. Thank you all for reading. Take care of yourselves, hug your family, hug your pets, appreciate all those around you.

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