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Friday the 13th!!!

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday the 13th! I spent the day working but also rewatched the first Friday the 13th movie. It’s funny that what was terrifying as a kid is hilarious now that I’m older. Except E.T…. He is just as terrifying now as he was when I was ten. That’s a trauma talk for another day.

I wish I could say I’ve been pumping out new writing but things have been super busy recently. I’ve been helping my parents a lot recently as my mom prepares for chemo. She’s strong though, and is ready to fight. She has been working hard everyday since her diagnosis to exercise, eat, and get herself prepared for it. I am so lucky to have such a powerful, loving, and overall awesome mom in my life.

So, I’ve been working on a few things recently. I started a new project, as mentioned previously, but I haven’t dove completely into it yet. Instead I found myself at the point of wanting to edit my previous project that I did for Nanowrimo 2021. It’s been patiently marinating for about 5 months, so it seems like a good time to start revisions. However, while doing that I got a little inspiration to jump back even further to a novella that I wrote back in my first year of college. It’s about 20,000 words and absolutely awful in terms of grammar and structure…But it has an interesting concept that I kind of wanted to start re-writing in my more developed voice.

Which brings me to my typewriter. I’ve been typing on it every chance I get because it is so much fun! It is so freaking cool to type out my stories and see the physical piece of paper fill in before my eyes. I’ve written about two pages like that so far. However, it is also extremely difficult to first draft on it… It takes a considerable amount of time and concentration because I can’t just erase a typo, or rephrase a sentence. I’d either have to strike out the whole line or just let it go. Physically, it is also just a lot more work to type out pages…and I’ve been getting noise complaints as well…

Maybe the typewriter isn’t the best option for writing a novel these days… At least not for me at the moment. However, I think I’ll still be using it for writing letters, poetry(which I haven’t attempted in years), maybe even some micro fiction as Alexander Vaillencourt suggested

Well, I better get to bed before the clock hits midnight…Then it won’t be the 13th any longer and I’ll have missed my chance to post.

Take care!

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