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Happy June!

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Okay, so June’s almost over now… I can’t believe It’s already been a month since my last post. It’s been an insanely busy month! At the beginning of the month I had to drive 5 hours North to go to a Trade Show for 4 days. 12-hour days that start at 5AM and end at 5PM are not fun! The night I got back I got super sick and was out of it for a week recovering.

Shoutout to my amazing mom. She’s on her third chemo session and is absolutely fighting it with all her strength. Her latest session was 6 hours long, yesterday. This morning I found her on the treadmill walking. She did a half an hour of walking… I can’t even get myself up early enough to do that.

I just finished the Obi-Wan Kenobi series Finale and it was amazing! As someone who was 10 years old when Episode 1 came out in theaters, the series was awesome. I really hope there’s a season 2 but I’m looking forward to the other new Star Wars series coming out.

On the other end of that spectrum is Star Trek Strange New Worlds. While I really enjoyed Discovery and Picard, this new series is just fun! My all time favorite Star Trek is always going to be Voyager but I’m really enjoying this series. Then there is The Orville…

Which wow, this show has been consistently good over the years but the new season is just really deep. It actually feels way more like Star Trek than you’d expect. The earlier seasons definitely felt a lot more comical but still had deep social issues it explored. The latest season has amplified the seriousness quite a bit, but it does such a good job at it. I’d highly recommend it if you’re into Star Trek. I worried a lot at first because I am not a fan of Family Guy or really any of Seth McFarlane’s animated shows. It’s just not my type of humor. This show definitely starts out wobbling on that line but it overcomes it quickly and becomes something a lot more thoughtful (in my opinion).

Continuing my SciFi watching… I also binged this show called Avenue 5. I’d avoided it mainly because it seemed kind of silly but I needed something to watch one evening and ended up spending the entire night watching it. My main reason for starting was because I realized that man on the cover was Hugh Laurie!!! You know…House M.D. That alone made me jump right into it. It was a hilarious, albeit kind of sad take on the future of humanity. Even so, it’s a fun show that I hope gets a season 2 eventually.

Now that I’ve rambled for… 400 words or so (counting that as part of my monthly wordcount) on my TV/Movie watching for the month. Time to move onto something else.

I’ve been really bad about writing recently. I’ve started several projects that didn’t pan out and editing my last project has just been tiresome. I need to get back into the zone and get started. Today, my twitter author buddy Freya Winther posted about Camp NanoWriMo starting in July. Maybe that’s just the thing I need to get back into the swing of things. I just have to figure out what to write about!

With as much Science Fiction(esque) I watch and read… I would love to do some sort of SciFi project… However, I’ve always been afraid of going down that path for whatever reason. Maybe I’m afraid of not being able to do well in my favorite genre. Oh well, we’ll see what happens. Horror also seems kind of fun to do something in. Watch out Stephen King!

I’ve rambled past my bedtime. Until next time (hopefully less than a month from now)!

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