August Update

Hello everyone,

Personal Stuff

Wow, July was a rough month. I had planned to work hard on my NaNoWriMo novel during the month of July but the world had other plans. My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer on July 1st. Work was going crazy. A couple weeks later I was in the hospital for a week with pancreatitis and had to have surgery to remove my gull bladder. I was in bed for a week after that. My mom is still going through her chemo sessions and has been pretty sick recently. My sister’s birthday didn’t happen because I was in the hospital. I mean wow! What a month…

So, now it’s August…Oh no… Well, so far it’s been a huge improvement. I’m feeling better and will be going back to work soon. My dad got a call from the oncologist and the cancer was misdiagnosed, he is fine! My mom is doing a little better, only has 1 more session of chemo to go! I’ll have to make up for my sister’s birthday party. Knock on wood that everything keeps going up in a good direction.

Novel and other fun stuff

Now while I didn’t finish my Camp NaNoWriMo goal in July, I still plan on working on it. However, I did find some awesome new tool to keep me inspired and motivated to work. There is a new AI system that generates artwork based on text prompts, yes we are living in the future. The main image on this blog post is one I generated by describing a characters in a scene from my novel. How freaking awesome is that?! Now it did take a good 15 tries and lots of refining to get it to generate what I wanted but the end result is stunning.

So, I did what any graphic designer would do… I created cover art for all of my works in progress regardless of their status! So with a little bit of editing, I turned the image above into a 6″ by 9″ novel cover.

The website is called Midjourney and what you do is type in a string of text and hope it gives you what you want. Currently, you have to do everything via a public Discord server. They offer a free trial of about 20 prompts but if you’re like me you are going to blow through that quick. After that they charge $10/month for 200 prompts, $30/month for unlimited. For custom art that is amazingly cheap. I believe with the paid plan they also give you commercial rights to use the artwork however you want. So I could actually use these covers on my published novels!

For me personally, being able to generate visuals/concept art of my novel characters, locations, scenes, adds a completely new dimension of motivation and inspiration to keep writing. I’d highly recommend anyone interested in that to check it out!

I ended up generating artwork/scenes from all of my various works in progress. If you want to see some more just check out my projects page. You’ll get some cool cover art and some minor descriptions on what the novels I’m working on are about.

Well that’s about it for this update! If any of my author buddies are interested in a cover send me an email or a DM on twitter, I’d be happy to make you something! Thanks for reading!

Just as a bonus, here is a scene it generated of the underwater city from my Lies Beneath the Sea novel.


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