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About Me

E.B. Alderson

My name is E.B. Alderson and I’m an aspiring author. I say aspiring because I haven’t actually published a book yet. When that finally happens I’ll be able to say, I’m A kind of real author.

The genres I usually enjoy the most are fantasy, and science fiction, or any combination of them.

Some of my favorite books/series are, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Hunger Games, Maximum Ride, Eragon, 1984, and many more.

James Patterson was one of my favorite authors while growing up. His novels were one of the few I was pick up and read any time. Christopher Paolini of Eragon was also a hugely inspirational person at the time. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of Star Wars novels and have been really enjoying the new High Republic series. That led me to E.K. Johnston’s novels which are now overwhelmingly filling my shelf. It was binge reading all of her novels recently that inspired me to start working on my own writing.

I’ve always enjoyed creating characters, writing stories, and building fantasy worlds where anything is possible. I did it quite often at a younger age, but sadly never got very far with it. As I went to college, and eventually started working, it became a far-off memory.

About Completing My First Novel

During the pandemic of 2020-ongoing, I decided to revisit some of my old writings. In particular, the only full novel I’d ever written. It was the first draft that I’d locked away for many years. While I loved writing it, I’d always felt too embarrassed to show it to anyone. After re-reading the first draft, I’m kind of glad I didn’t.

My memory of it was very vague, all I could think about was how bad it must have been, and don’t even get me started on the ending. However, despite its errors, lots of rambling, and many loose plot threads, it was actually really enjoyable reading it from start to finish. These characters were like lost family members that I didn’t realize I’d missed so much until seeing them again. I did not want to let them disappear again and got to work.

It’s been around six months since I started editing, rewriting, and adding much needed structure to it. Every morning before work, every evening after work, I put another hour or two into it. At this point, August 2021, I’m actually feeling excited, and proud at what I’ve written. A feeling I’ve never had before.

That’s why this website now exists. Rather than let it fade away into obscurity again, I want to actually try to go all the way this time and push it and myself to the next phase.

Whether that ends up being self-publishing or finding an agent, I feel like the future is bright.




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