Eggs with Faces

Happy June!

<!–I needed a featured image so here’s a photo of some boiled eggs I drew faces on–>

Okay, so June’s almost over now… I can’t believe It’s already been a month since my last post. It’s been an insanely busy month! At the beginning of the month I had to drive 5 hours North to go to a Trade Show for 4 days. 12-hour days that start at 5AM and end at 5PM are not fun! The night I got back I got super sick and was out of it for a week recovering.

Shoutout to my amazing mom. She’s on her third chemo session and is absolutely fighting it with all her strength. Her latest session was 6 hours long, yesterday. This morning I found her on the treadmill walking. She did a half an hour of walking… I can’t even get myself up early enough to do that.

I just finished the Obi-Wan Kenobi series Finale and it was amazing! As someone who was 10 years old when Episode 1 came out in theaters, the series was awesome. I really hope there’s a season 2 but I’m looking forward to the other new Star Wars series coming out.

On the other end of that spectrum is Star Trek Strange New Worlds. While I really enjoyed Discovery and Picard, this new series is just fun! My all time favorite Star Trek is always going to be Voyager but I’m really enjoying this series. Then there is The Orville…

Which wow, this show has been consistently good over the years but the new season is just really deep. It actually feels way more like Star Trek than you’d expect. The earlier seasons definitely felt a lot more comical but still had deep social issues it explored. The latest season has amplified the seriousness quite a bit, but it does such a good job at it. I’d highly recommend it if you’re into Star Trek. I worried a lot at first because I am not a fan of Family Guy or really any of Seth McFarlane’s animated shows. It’s just not my type of humor. This show definitely starts out wobbling on that line but it overcomes it quickly and becomes something a lot more thoughtful (in my opinion).

Continuing my SciFi watching… I also binged this show called Avenue 5. I’d avoided it mainly because it seemed kind of silly but I needed something to watch one evening and ended up spending the entire night watching it. My main reason for starting was because I realized that man on the cover was Hugh Laurie!!! You know…House M.D. That alone made me jump right into it. It was a hilarious, albeit kind of sad take on the future of humanity. Even so, it’s a fun show that I hope gets a season 2 eventually.

Now that I’ve rambled for… 400 words or so (counting that as part of my monthly wordcount) on my TV/Movie watching for the month. Time to move onto something else.

I’ve been really bad about writing recently. I’ve started several projects that didn’t pan out and editing my last project has just been tiresome. I need to get back into the zone and get started. Today, my twitter author buddy Freya Winther posted about Camp NanoWriMo starting in July. Maybe that’s just the thing I need to get back into the swing of things. I just have to figure out what to write about!

With as much Science Fiction(esque) I watch and read… I would love to do some sort of SciFi project… However, I’ve always been afraid of going down that path for whatever reason. Maybe I’m afraid of not being able to do well in my favorite genre. Oh well, we’ll see what happens. Horror also seems kind of fun to do something in. Watch out Stephen King!

I’ve rambled past my bedtime. Until next time (hopefully less than a month from now)!

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 11.40.28 PM

Friday the 13th!!!

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday the 13th! I spent the day working but also rewatched the first Friday the 13th movie. It’s funny that what was terrifying as a kid is hilarious now that I’m older. Except E.T…. He is just as terrifying now as he was when I was ten. That’s a trauma talk for another day.

I wish I could say I’ve been pumping out new writing but things have been super busy recently. I’ve been helping my parents a lot recently as my mom prepares for chemo. She’s strong though, and is ready to fight. She has been working hard everyday since her diagnosis to exercise, eat, and get herself prepared for it. I am so lucky to have such a powerful, loving, and overall awesome mom in my life.

So, I’ve been working on a few things recently. I started a new project, as mentioned previously, but I haven’t dove completely into it yet. Instead I found myself at the point of wanting to edit my previous project that I did for Nanowrimo 2021. It’s been patiently marinating for about 5 months, so it seems like a good time to start revisions. However, while doing that I got a little inspiration to jump back even further to a novella that I wrote back in my first year of college. It’s about 20,000 words and absolutely awful in terms of grammar and structure…But it has an interesting concept that I kind of wanted to start re-writing in my more developed voice.

Which brings me to my typewriter. I’ve been typing on it every chance I get because it is so much fun! It is so freaking cool to type out my stories and see the physical piece of paper fill in before my eyes. I’ve written about two pages like that so far. However, it is also extremely difficult to first draft on it… It takes a considerable amount of time and concentration because I can’t just erase a typo, or rephrase a sentence. I’d either have to strike out the whole line or just let it go. Physically, it is also just a lot more work to type out pages…and I’ve been getting noise complaints as well…

Maybe the typewriter isn’t the best option for writing a novel these days… At least not for me at the moment. However, I think I’ll still be using it for writing letters, poetry(which I haven’t attempted in years), maybe even some micro fiction as Alexander Vaillencourt suggested

Well, I better get to bed before the clock hits midnight…Then it won’t be the 13th any longer and I’ll have missed my chance to post.

Take care!


Happy April!

Good morning everyone,

I say good morning, but it may be later in the evening when I actually post this entry. I am currently typing it out on my phone, in my car, ten minutes before work starts.

Some minor updates, I was out of town for the entire first week of April working at a conference. I haven’t had the chance to do a whole lot of writing in recent months. I’m both itching to start revising my last novel and working on a new one. The hardest part as always is getting started and keeping that momentum going.

We also just celebrated my dad’s 69th birthday over the weekend! He had a lot of fun, he loves his chocolate cake.

Another fun thing that happened recently was that I picked up an old mechanical typewriter at Goodwill. It’s a Smith Corona Galaxie Deluxe. The fact that it was called a Galaxie made in instant call out to me. Luckily in terms of functioning, it has been working nearly flawlessly. It just needed some heavy cleaning and a new ribbon of ink.

It is my first time really using a typewriter, and it is so much fun to type on. It requires a lot of pre-thought that I don’t normally have when typing on a computer. I’ve mostly been using it for short notes and letters, but yesterday I decided to try starting some actual story writing. See the attached photo for a peek.

Typewriter with a page

Its both freeing and limiting to type on it. On one hand, I am not constantly looking at word count(though I do have to make sure I don’t go off the page). However, I have to make sure that I know what I’m typing, otherwise I end up with blocks of strikes out words and so on. In that way it is a lot slower, though seeing a physical page with your words typed out appear in front of you makes it worth the extra effort.

Well I better actually get to work before I get in trouble! Thank you all for reading!

Oh and a shoutout to my writing buddy Alexander Vailencourt for reminding me to not go over thirty days without posting!

Another Month!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say hello and that I haven’t forgotten this blog/journal of rambles. It’s been a rough few months and doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. So, I haven’t been able to do much in the way of writing, revising, or reading. Work has been exhausting recently, and I’m trying to keep from burning out by resting and sleeping in my spare time. But enough about the bad, let’s look forward to the good!

I finally watched the new Spiderman movie and wow did I start to cry… well I remember seeing the first Spiderman movie way back when with my grandma. She loved Tobey Mcguire movies. It’s one of the earliest superhero movies I can remember, other than maybe X-men which I also saw with her. My grandma loved movies!

I could ramble on but I need to get to bed for work tomorrow! Hopefully, it won’t be another month the next time I post.

Until next time, stay safe!

Oh gosh, it’s been a month!

Wow, it’s been a whole month since my last post. I’ve sadly not spent a lot of time doing any writing recently. It’s been a busy month at work and at home. I’ve started reading a couple of new books. The first one being the classic, True Grit. So far, it’s really interesting! I’m really enjoying the first-person point of view in the writing and how different it feels from modern books. I’m slowly getting through it, reading a little bit during my breaks at work.

The second book I just started reading last night is, Fable’s End: A Shentonia Story, by one of my awesome twitter writing friends Seth Halleway! I’m already through the second chapter and it has captured my attention!

My back catalog of books to read is getting longer! I bought Dune several months ago. I’ve also got multiple Star Wars High Republic books, Out of the Shadows, Midnight Horizon, and The Fallen Star! I’m so far behind on that series now. Then also in the Star Wars realm the book Queen’s Hope by one of my favorite authors E.K. Johnston is coming out soon too!!!

Anyways, hopefully I’ll get caught up soon and have some time for writing soon. I hope you’re all having a great February!

Frett dooodlee

D&D Character Backstory

Hi everyone,

Today I have something a little different. My wonderful SO, whom also drew the doodle of my character above, and I were talking about making up backstory for our Dungeons and Dragons characters. So, I thought it would be fun to write a quick little introduction for my character. Up until this point he only had a few traits. A Tiefling, bard, with some magic spells, and a pet donkey named Brad. In true pantser style, I wrote the whole thing in under an hour without any further planning. Since I have yet to show any writing, I thought it would be fun to share. It is pretty random and silly but that’s kind of what our group dynamic is.


Frett the Bard and Brad the Donkey

Hi, my name’s Frett and I’m a bard. I travel from village to village playing shows, and trying to become the best musician this world has ever known! That may be a little over-ambitious but Brad’s always told me if I want to be a star I should aim for the stars. Oh, that’s right, Brad is my companion, my manager, and my mentor. He’s also a donkey. According to him, he was once a famous Oscar-winning actor, whatever that means, in some other universe before being reincarnated into this world.


My story begins several years ago in a small village near an active volcano, not the safest place for a village, I know. The village and the mountain it was on were known across the land for its concentration of extremely rare minerals and precious metals. It was especially lucrative for our village, being mosty Tieflings, we could stand the heat where no other species could. So for generations our village mined and sold the finest materials on this side of the Bearavo River.


I’d always expected to become a miner myself at some point, as was expected of my family lineage. However, one thing set me apart from the others in the village. I loved music. Now, I’m not saying the rest of them didn’t enjoy music, but for me it was something special. When I was younger a traveler came through the village looking to trade for some precious metals. He was a salesman but also a novice bard. It was the first time I’d ever seen a musical instrument. It had a large wooden body, larger than even my own at the time, and several tightly wound strings. The sounds it made were like the voices of the celestials. Not that I’d ever actually met a celestial.


My parents saw my interest and to their later dismay, convinced the man to part with his instrument and teach me how to play it in exchange for a discount in the materials he needed. As if blessed by the deities themselves, I was absolutely terrible at it. However, that did not discourage me one bit, for I practiced everyday. In the mornings and in the evenings, the sound of my song could be heard throughout the village. Eventually, I became quite adept at playing songs and creating them. My lute became a part of myself. While they suffered quite a bit in the early years, the villagers came to quite enjoy my music.


Sadly, I eventually came of age where I needed to start working in the mines. It was grueling work but I did learn quite a bit. While music didn’t come as naturally to me, I did have a knack for certain spells. Including healing and some low level fire and ice spells that were fairly useful in the depths of the mines. However, music was still my first love and it broke my heart to not be able to play as much as I once had.


Before heading to work one day, I decided I would not go without my beloved instrument any longer. So, I took it with me into the mines and began to play whenever I had a few moments to spare. During our breaks the other miners would gather around as I sung songs of far away lands and heroes of old. At the time I believed it was the closest I’d ever get to fame, and honestly, may have been okay with that. The happiness and energy I was bringing to my fellow miners and what they were feeding back to me was something I’d longed for. Then one day the foreman showed up.


What sort of awful things could have happened to make a man so bitter as to despise the joy of others. “If you ever bring that thing back into these mines, I’ll have you removed from them permanently.” The other miners turned away and went back to work. Not that I truly blame them, the mines were the only way to make a living in this village and no one wanted to risk losing that.


“Hey Kid,” a voice called out to me. “You’ve got talent, and it’s wasted down here in these mines.” My eyes wandered the cavern but the other miners had all disappeared into the tunnels. “Over here,” he called out. A short gray donkey, packed with supplies and a small wagon appeared in the light of the fire.


“Did you just speak?” It was the first time I’d ever spoken with an animal and I was quite confused.


“I did,” he responded. “That thing in your arms belongs in a mineshaft as much as you do.”


“Meaning… Not at all?” I asked.


He nodded his head and sniffed loudly. “That’s right. Get outta here, go share your gift with the world.”


Somehow the words of that donkey telling me to follow my dreams sparked something deep inside of my heart. If this wasn’t a sign of bigger things to come I don’t know what is. “You’re right, mister donkey.”


“Call me, Brad.”


“You’re right, Brad. I’m going to become a musician and bring my songs to the world.” I turned back and looked at him. “You should come with me.”


He tilted his head. “It’s been a while since I’ve been in show business but it sounds a lot better than spending the rest of my life hauling ore to the surface.”


I grinned and unhooked the wagon from his back. “Let’s go,” I said, removing my helmet and tossing it to the ground.


“So, Brad and I left the village with what little possessions we had and set off on the journey to become famous. That’s how we ended up here. “


The girl sitting across from me at the table sipped her drink nodded slowly. “Thanks for the backstory but all I asked was why there is a donkey in the tavern…”


Look at that, I can write a thousand words in an hour! Are they good words? I don’t know, but it’s a start. Thanks for reading!

Screenshot of Page saying The End

My Second Novel is Finished

Hi everyone,

It took a little longer than I had hoped but here we are on the 10th of January, 2022 and I have completed my second Novel! Totally at 80,746 words, it took me 70 days to complete. Not too bad for having to work full-time and doing writing sprints in my car every morning. It was quite an adventure!

The story went places I never expected and into spaces I’m happy it ventured. Part of the fun of not outlining is seeing where things develop on their own. I started with a main character, and a rough idea on where I wanted to end. The big surprises were just as surprising to me as they happened in real time while writing. Including a certain throwaway character with one line becoming not only a major player in the story but a main character herself. Within three chapters my tiny outline had been derailed, for the better I think.The characters grew on me. They grew with each other. They pulled themselves through the story no matter how rough things got.

My own personal journey with this story was also quite an adventure. It was the first time I’d committed myself to finishing a new novel in over 10 years. I learned a lot while editing my first novel and decided that I was going to try something different with this one. Instead of staying in my comfort zone of a single person, first-person viewpoint, seeing things, learning things along with the main character, I decided to try multi-POV and third-person. I have to say… It was painful. I struggled so much and it shows. I’m going to have a lot of editing to do just to fix how its voice, let alone the developmental and line editing. However, I’m happy I tried something new and made myself get through it. It’s an experience I won’t forget and hopefully some of the things I learned will help me find better ways to write in the future.

That being said, going forward I think I want to go back to my first-person viewpoint for my next novel. Something about living the story through the point of view of the main character feels so much more natural to me. I’m still looking forward to editing my manuscript after letting it rest for a few months. I’m planning on starting work on my next story idea soon while this one rests.  That way when I come back to it several months from now I can read it with fresh eyes and hopefully gain some perspective on its flaws. At least that is my hope for the process. The last time I let a story rest, it was for 11 years. I’m hoping no more than 6 months for this one.

Well, thank you all for reading my rambling once more. I swear I write these things right before bed and end up going on and on about everything. Please do not take these posts as a quality check for my writing! I write them completely spontaneously without checking or editing them.

Also, this song popped up on my random songs playlist while I was finishing up my novel and it is amazing! I already liked Mandy Harvey’s music but somehow never heard this song. It’s beautiful!



I just thought of an idea… Maybe I should do dream posts. Sometimes my best random ideas come from dreams. I usually write them in my notebook right when I wake up if I think it’s something interesting. My latest scribbles say “A multi-level university for wizards with different belief systems working together.” Okay. Rambling done. Goodnight all!


I’m currently writing here instead of working on my novel because… I don’t know I really shouldn’t be. I’m going to a small holiday get-together with my coworkers tomorrow evening. It’s not something I’d normally do but I feel like I’ve been really neglecting them recently. But that’s gonna put a damper on my writing tomorrow evening… This morning instead of getting to do my early writing before work I went to get my Covid booster shot. Luckily no major side effects and I’ll hopefully be fairly protected going forward.

I keep seeing stuff about this new Spiderman movie… I’m really starting to want to break my movie quarantine and go. The last movie I saw in theaters was Sonic, right before Covid became a problem here. I was thinking about breaking the quarantine for Dune and am kind of sad I didn’t… But the more I hear about this Spiderman movie, the more I want to sneak out of work and go watch it. I don’t know if I can wait for the On Demand version!

Update on my NaNoWriMo Novel

Hi everyone,

I set my new finishing goal for my NaNoWriMo Novel to be around 75,000 maybe 80,000 before the end of the year. I’m still hoping to reach that goal and finish my story. I’m at 66,000 words now which is pretty exciting. That’s less than 10,000 to go until I’ve met my ultimate goal. Depending on how fast the ending creeps up on me I’m fairly certain I am going to land somewhere between 75k and 80k. Though maybe some fun side plots will end up taking me passed 80k. I was worried for a while at where my ending was going, where the plot was going, but after a late night revelation I think I see the path ahead! I’m looking forward to finishing this story and giving it some breathing room really soon.

One of the reasons I’m eager to move on is because I have some really fun ideas in my head that I want to start working on for the next project. There are two projects that are standing out to me the most. One as I may have mentioned previously, taking place in my first novel’s universe. Not a continuation but another story set in the world.

The other idea is completely random and actually sounds like a lot of fun. I want to write a Western Fantasy SciFi Mashup. Western being Old-West. An old-west style setting but with creatures, magic, technology? I don’t know. It sounds completely nuts and that’s why it seems like so much fun to try.

Westerns are something I’ve never been into, unless Back to the Future 3 counts. However, my grandma loved them. There’s only one real western I’ve ever seen, True Grit. My grandma was a fan of the original and was absolutely excited to see the new version. She’s sat through countless hours of every type of movie us kids ever wanted to watch (she loved it though, she was one of the biggest movie lovers I ever knew). Anyways, despite my disinterest in Westerns I went with her to watch it. Holy crap, if it did not become one of my favorite movies.

After recently rewatching the movie, which inspired this newfound interest in writing my own weird pseudo-old-west novel, I also found out that True Grit was in fact a book itself. Who knew?! I haven’t read it yet but I’m working on getting a copy to read through as part of my “Research” before starting this next project.

Look at that, I think I just finished talking myself into making that my next project. Unless I can write two novels at once… Stephen King must be writing at least ten novels at any given moment, right? I can handle two.

Thanks for reading my rambling! Until next time, take care!