My current projects include my completed manuscript and a new one I’m currently working on! Cover art just for fun (I’ve got to put that graphic design degree to some use). I’m trying to tighten down my query letter a bit more before sending out but my little blurbs are below. If you’re interested in talking, email me at hello[at] or via my contact page! 

The Last Angel

The Last Angel is Urban Fantasy Adult / New Adult Novel complete at 90,000 words currently seeking representation.

Annie is working part-time and going to college all while trying to maintain a stable outer appearance. Her life has been on autopilot after losing her parents and depression became an ever-present companion.

Those monotonous days end abruptly when her guardian angel, Neva, a spunky red-haired girl, appears and rescues her from being attacked by vicious monsters. For the first time in her life, Annie has found someone that she can’t push away. Her bond with Neva grows as she opens up and finally starts to feel like herself again. Until she learns that Neva might not be an angel at all but a demon.

The Last Angel is an urban fantasy that takes place in the modern world with paranormal elements. It explores themes of mental health, coming of age, love, and death. 

Lies Beneath the Sea
Lies Beneath The Sea Cover

Lies Beneath the Sea is a YA Fantasy novel with a first draft complete at 80,000 words.

It tells the story of Bryce Emory, a young man who lives with his brother in a city under the sea. Centuries earlier, the surface world had been destroyed and left uninhabitable.

When his brother disappears, Bryce ventures into the unknown and finds himself on the surface only to find it is not the hellscape he was warned about.