Below is a list of my current projects in various stages of development. Titles, descriptions, cover art all subject to change and mainly just for fun (I’ve got to put that graphic design degree to some use).

If you’re interested in talking, email me at hello[at] or via my contact page! 

The Last Angel
The Last Angel Cover 2022

The Last Angel is an Urban Fantasy Adult / New Adult Novel complete at 90,000 words currently seeking representation.

Annie is working part-time and going to college all while trying to maintain a stable outer appearance. Her life has been on autopilot after losing her parents and depression became an ever-present companion. Those monotonous days end abruptly when her guardian angel, Neva, a spunky red-haired girl, appears and rescues her from being attacked by vicious monsters. 

The Last Angel is an urban fantasy that takes place in the modern world with paranormal elements. It explores themes of mental health, coming of age, love, and death. 

Current Status: Querying

Lies Beneath the Sea

Lies Beneath the Sea is a YA Fantasy novel with a first draft complete at 80,000 words.

Centuries ago the surface world was destroyed, leaving it toxic and uninhabitable for any life. Humanity moved beneath the ocean to save themselves from the fallout.

When a young boy named Oliver mysteriously disappears, his brother, Bryce goes to look for him. Bryce ventures into the unknown and finds himself on the surface. He quickly learns, it is not the hellscape he was warned about.

Bryce and his friends search for Oliver and uncover a secret beneath the sea that’s been plotting against them for centuries.

Current Status: Editing

The Mechanical Cowboy

The Mechanical Cowboy is the tale of an old sentry sheriff robot still patrolling the streets of Kaviland. Quite possibly the last one in existence. During the search for a criminal he meets an old bounty hunter named Darlene. A sassy old woman after one last big score. They decide to work together to bring the baddie in.

Current Status: Outlining

Leap Year

Leap Year is the story of Ray Williams, a man who ages one year for every four that pass. It sounds great until everyone he cares about fade away into time.

Current Status: Rewriting


Pagefinder – Legend of the Elder Tome, is a middle grade story a young boy named Noah and his best friend Penny forced to go on an adventure to save his mother and his brother from the evil Lord Revol.

Current Status: Writing

The Lost Angel

The Lost Angel, is the prequel to The Last Angel. It will focus on Neva’s story before she met Annie.

Current Status: Outlining